Welcome to Wandering the Wilds, a HARP mini-campaign (for starters).

This mini-campaign will be another go at the HARP RPG system. It is, as of right now, fairly wide-open as far as what is or isn't part of the "campaign world". I'm going to lay out a base area, but my players can toss me an idea or three and I'll add it (well, probably…).

The Premise

The PC's are clueless adventurers who are either completely aware of this fact…or deluding themselves into thinking they know "what the world is like". The PC's come from an isolated mindset. Whether or not they were brought up as a stable hand in a small wayside inn, or they grew up in a bustling metropolis of trade…the PC's actual (and factual) knowledge of what they perceive to be "true" is not necessarily so (think of such PC backgrounds as being akin to a coddled and overtly-protected child, where the child's parents/teachers/authority-figures all conspired to keep the horrors of 'real life' from their beloved).

The point is this: PC's may have their entire world-views turned upside down, depending on how the campaign creation develops as we play.

Wandering the Wilds

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