Stunning young blond woman who is quite naive for a wizard


Natasha is a blond woman of great beauty.


Standing five foot six she is an athletic and vibrant woman. With fair skin and a ready smile she is a prize any man would be lucky to win, but the wizard would never allow it. I seems the gods smiled down upon her and showered her family with many gifts when she was born, for she is a gentle and compassionate soul with a keen mind and a quick wit.

These traits have allowed her to learn the wizards arts quickly.


She has lived all the life she knows in the wizards keep and surrounding fields. She has been to the small village nearby many times but has never stayed long enough to get to know any of the villagers.

She was brought to the wizard years ago when her village was ravaged by disease.her entire family died but the wizard was able to spare her. The fever took her memory however and left her as naive as a child. Her intellect is quite remarkable however and she has learned the lessons the wizard has taught her as long as she can remember.

She loves nature and spending time in the wilds. The keep is in a remote location and they only occasionally venture into the village. The wizard is always watching when other people are around and prevents anyone from getting to know Natasha, although that isn’t hard as the villagers regard the wizard as strange and dangerous, and avoid him as much as they can. The never try to anger him however, often insisting he take whatever goods he likes without payment. He always ends up paying, usually more than the price of the goods.

Recently a stranger came to the keep. He appeared to be an official envoy of some far off kingdom. He spoke with the wizard for many hours and many loud and angry words were spoken by both sides before the stranger rode off.

The wizard was up the whole night, and in the morning left the keep. He said he had to go for a brief travel to the strangers kingdom, and he forbade Natasha from leaving the keep until he returned in a few days.

Two days was as long as she lasted. Over the wall and down to the road she went. Briefly she thought of heading to the village, but something told her it might be a greater adventure to head the opposite way, to parts unknown.


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