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Book n' Such

We're going to be using the "core" books…which also pretty much are the only books. We'll also be using stuff on a case-by-case basis from the various Harpers Bazaar issues. 

  • HARP Core Rules
  • The College of Magics
  • The Codex
  • Folkways
  • Loot
  • Field Guide to Monsters
  • Martial Law

Campaign World?

  Looks like we are going for a "new campaign world". I didn't feel like drawing a full-on campaign map, so I'm just stealing one of Dyson Logo's online ones (free for use, btw). It's got a few of his home-campaign city maps (which I'll be stealing as well). I'll update the map as needed and as the players explore and wander around in the wilds.

Starting Location

  Already started. Turns out we used the "Black Dragon Inn" (I have to pull my copy of this cool Basic D&D 'adventure/supplement' out of storage…if I can find it), just outside the major city of Letath. The first adventure has the wet-behind-the-ears adventurers venturing into a long-lost tomb of someone (or something) called "The Faceless One". Yeah, I'm using an old 2e AD&D adventure…well, part of it ("Tower, Temple & Tomb" I think it's called). Never ran it before, but figured "Dungeon, monsters, treasure…good enough!". I know AD&D like the back of my hand, so 'converting on the fly' to HARP shouldn't be an issue…and so far, so good! :)

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Main Page

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